Sleep Medicine Faculty Highlight: Dr. Melissa Knauert

June 4, 2019 by Kristin Crowe

Faculty Highlight

Melissa Knauert, MD, PhD
Melissa Knauert, MD, PhD

Dr. Melissa Knauert

Sleep Medicine Faculty

8/16 Why We Sleep: Adult Sleep Structure, Function, Normal Physiology, and the Effects of Sleep Deprivation
8/16 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

How many times (or for how many years) have you served on the faculty for CHEST Board Review?

This will be my second CHEST Sleep Board Review. I also taught at the 2017 Sleep Review Course. I was a participant in the 2015 Sleep Review Course.

What about CHEST Board Review made you want to be a faculty member for this course?

I was very impressed with my experience as a student at the 2015 Sleep Review Course. The three days were jam packed with high yield information from very committed teachers. I was honored to be invited to teach, and I am very excited to share my expertise.

Why do you think this course is valuable to those who are taking their boards and to those who just want a review of the content to better improve their patient care?

I think this course is comprehensive, and it really can stand alone as a board preparation tool.  For familiar topics, the lectures are a great review. For topics that are less familiar, the speakers consistently take the students in a logical progression from the basic to the complex aspects of a topic. This allows the participant to finish each lecture with a firm understanding of what was discussed.

What key objectives do you hope participants will get out of it?

I would like participants to leave with a solid grasp of sleep fundamentals that supports the delivery of excellent clinical care across age groups and across sleep disorders. I also hope that participants gain an understanding of what is known and what is unknown in this huge, diverse clinical field. This will help them ask the important basic, translational, clinical, and implementation research questions that will advance our clinical practice.